Below is a list of conference presentations on iodine/thyroid research given by our members since the group was formed in 2012.


IGN and EUthyroid meeting: Harmonisation of Iodine Nutrition in Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2016

Professor John Lazarus organised a pre-conference meeting at the European Thyroid Association (ETA) meeting.

Professor Margaret Rayman presented “Dietary iodine and supplements. Is it all in the mix?”


Society for Environmental Geochemistry & Health,

Brussels, July 2016

Dr Alex Stewart presented Iodine in the plant: there’s more going on than is usually realised: a literature review.


Rank Prize Fund meeting

Grasmere, May 2016

Dr Sarah Bath presented at the Rank Prize Fund Mini-Symposium on Role of Crops in Providing Micronutrients, Grasmere May 16 on “The effect of crops and farming practice on milk-iodine concentration: implications for iodine status and child neurodevelopment”.


Dairy Council iodine booklet launch

Guildford, Surrey, April 2016

Dr Sarah Bath spoke on the “Dietary sources of iodine in the UK diet” at the launch of the Dairy Council booklet on iodine at the University of Surrey.


Iodine Global Network meeting

London, March 2016

Professor John Lazarus presented the welcome and introduction to the meeting.

Dr Mark Vanderpump spoke on “Iodine and the thyroid”

Professor Margaret Rayman presented “Iodine in pregnancy in the UK”

Professor Kate Jolly spoke on “Iodine supplementation – an overview”

Dr Sarah Bath spoke on: “Iodine Nutrition in UK – Is there enough for pregnancy?” .




Society for Environmental Geochemistry & Health

Bratislava, Slovakia, June 2015

Dr Alex Stewart presented a Keynote address at the 31st International Conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry & Health, on “Micronutrients and health: simple or simplistic?” .


Dairy Council Diet Zone

Birmingham, October 2015

Dr Sarah Bath spoke at the Dairy Council Diet Zone at the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) conference, NEC Birmingham, October 2015: “Iodine for development: the contribution to intake from milk and dairy products”


SENSE and NII Meeting

London, September 2015

Dr Sarah was asked to speak at the SENSE (Self-Employed Nutritionists’ Support and Enlightenment) and NII (Nutritionists in Industry) meeting, London, September 2015: “Iodine status in the UK population and implications for brain development”


Ulster Immunology Group

Coleraine, February 2015

Dr Sarah Bath was asked to speak on “Iodine deficiency in the UK – would an iodisation programme increase thyroid autoimmunity?” 



Society for Environmental and Geochemistry and Health (SEGH),

Newcastle, July 2014

During the session on “Environmental iodine and the deficiency disorders“, three members of the UK Iodine Group gave oral presentations:

Dr Alex Stewart, Keynote presentation: “Global and local sources of the violet vapour: environmental knowledge and health perceptions“.

Professor John Lazarus “Iodine status in Europe 2014: work unfinished“.

Dr Sarah Bath “Iodine status in UK pregnant women and implications for fetal brain development”


University of Leeds

Dr Alex Stewart presented to the Department of Chemistry research seminar, University of Leeds, July 2014 on “Iodine in the environment and health: current gaps in knowledge and research needs”



British Thryoid Association (BTA) Annual Meeting

London, December 2013

Professor Graham Williams and Dr Mark Vanderpump chaired sessions during the day.

Dr Sarah Bath gave an oral presentation “Iodine deficiency in the UK – an update”.

Nutrition Society Winter Meeting

London, December 2013

Dr Sarah Bath gave an oral communication on “Iodine deficiency in UK schoolchildren”.

British Thyroid Association London Branch

Royal Free Hospital, London, November 2013

Professor Margaret Rayman and Dr Sarah Bath were invited to speak at the London Branch meeting on the issue of nutrition and thyroid disease.

Professor Rayman gave a lecture on “Selenium with special reference to thyroid disorders”

Dr Sarah Bath gave a lecture on “Thyroid function: iodine and goitrogens

British Dietetic Association, Research Symposium

Birmingham, December 2013

Dr Sarah Bath gave an oral presentation of her abstract: “Development of an evidenced-based iodine food fact sheet for use in the UK”

Food and Behaviour Research (FAB) Conference

London, October 2013

Dr Sarah Bath was invited to give a talk on “Iodine status of pregnant women and cognitive outcomes in their children: Findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children” during the FAB research conference “Feeding Healthy Minds”

European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition

Ghent, Belgium, September 2013

Dr Alex Stewart presented a Keynote address at the 17th congress of the European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition, Ghent, Belgium, September 2013 on “Environmental iodine and the iodine deficiency disorders: where is the deficiency?”


NUTRIMENTHE International Conference – Effects of early nutrition on the mental development of children

Granada, Spain, September 2013

Dr Sarah Bath was invited to give a presentation on “Does maternal iodine status in pregnancy influence child neurodevelopment?”

She also presented an abstract in the Young Scientist Competition “Effect of maternal iodine deficiency during pregnancy on hearing threshold in the offspring” and was awarded a prize.

Nutrition Society Summer Meeting,

Newcastle, July 2013

Dr Sarah Bath gave an oral presentation: “Dietary factors that influence maternal iodine status in UK pregnant women


British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes,

Leeds, November 2012

Dr Sarah Bath gave an oral presentation (pictured left) “Iodine status in UK pregnant women and implications for fetal brain development” and was awarded the BSPED prize for “Best Abstract 2012”.

Nutrition Society Summer Meeting,

Belfast, UK, July 2012

Dr Sarah Bath was winner of the Nutrition Society Postgraduate Competition and was therefore invited to give an oral presentation: “Iodine deficiency in the UK – an overlooked cause of neurodevelopmental delay?”

SET for Britain, House of Commons,

London, UK, March 2012

Dr Sarah Bath was selected to display poster on “Investigation of the effect of maternal iodine status on cognitive outcomes in the offspring” in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences section at the House of Commons, which was attended by several MPs.

The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland,

Belfast, UK, March 2012

Dr Sarah Bath was an invited speaker (pictured with other speakers): “Emerging evidence on iodine deficiency in the UK, public health implications”