Contributors to the website and blog

Below is a list of students who have written content for the iodine blog or news items

Callum Wood

Callum is a medical student at Cardiff University. He is supervised by Dr Peter Taylor, who is a member of the UK iodine group.

Alongside his medical studies, Callum is reviewing the literature to understand the need for iodine supplementation in the UK.

Callum has written content for the blog on:

He has also provided updates for the news items on the home page

Martha Redway

Martha is a PhD student in Human Nutrition, School of Medicine at the University of Glasgow. She is supervised by UK Iodine Group committee member, Dr Emilie Combet

Her research focusses on iodine, the nutritional adequacy of plant-based diets and the use of seaweed as a food source.

Martha has written content for the blog on:

Twitter: @Martha_Redway