Dr Mark Vanderpump


Formerly President of the British Thyroid Association, Dr Mark Vanderpump is a Consultant Endocrinologist in private practice within several London clinics. Prior to this he was a Consultant Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Royal Free Hampstead and a Consultant Endocrinologist at the North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust.His training in general medicine and endocrinology was completed at NHS posts in the West Midlands, North East England and North Staffordshire and included clinical responsibilities for the development of endocrinology and diabetes services.


Dr Vanderpump teaches and lectures nationally and internationally and  is also a published author of Thyroid Disease (The Facts)


He is the UK representative of the Iodine Global Network.


His MD thesis was an epidemiological twenty-year follow-up study of the Whickham survey which involved determining the outcome in terms of thyroid disorders, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in 2779 subjects. This has provided unique incidence data and risk factors for these disorders. A MD thesis was submitted to the University of Birmingham in 1995 was entitled “The incidence of thyroid disorders and diabetes mellitus in the community and the relationship of thyroid failure with the development of ischaemic heart disease”.  Subsequently his main research interests have been in epidemiology, clinical thyroid disease, audit and the cost-effectiveness of managing thyroid disease.


Iodine/thyroid journal publications

 For recent publications, please see Dr Mark Vanderpump’s website

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Invited seminars


For recent seminars, please see Dr Mark Vanderpump’s website 


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