Professor Margaret Rayman

Iodine/thyroid journal publications

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Invited lectures

World Iodine Association (November 2017) Health effects of iodine deficiency and excess: importance of interaction with other nutrients, Pisa, Italy

38th National Congress of the Italian Society of Endocrinology (May 2015) Iodine requirements in pregnancy and iodine deficiency repercussions on child cognitive outcomes. Taormina, Sicily.     

Association of Clinical Biochemists, Southern Region Scientific Meeting (March 2015) The new emergence of iodine deficiency in the UK. , Guildford.     

 ‘Thyroid day’ and joint meeting of Latvian Association of Endocrinology, Latvian Society of Internists and the Latvian Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (January 2015) Iodine deficiency in pregnancy and neurodevelopment.,Riga, Latvia.

38th Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association  (September 2014) Iodine deficiency in pregnancy and neurodevelopment.  Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Nordic Iodine Meeting (March 2014) Iodine intake and status in the UK and its effect on child cognition.  First Hotel Kong Frederik, Copenhagen,

Society for Endocrinology/British Endocrinology Society (March 2014)Iodine deficiency in the UK: an overlooked cause of impaired neurodevelopment.  Liverpool,

Warwick Medical School (November 2013) Are you getting enough? How new emergence of an old mineral deficiency could be affecting you and your family. Division of Health Sciences seminar series. University of Warwick, 

British Thyroid Foundation London Group (November 2013) Selenium and auto-immune thyroid disease. London

Royal College of Surgeons (October 2013) Iodine Deficiency in Pregnancy and Child Cognition in the UK. Efamol-Angelini Symposium, , London.

83rd American Thyroid Association Annual Meeting (October 2013) Iodine Deficiency and Child Cognition in the United Kingdom. 83rd American Thyroid Association Annual Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 16-20, 2013.

Procter & Gamble (September 2013) Iodine Deficiency in Pregnancy and Child Cognition in the UK. , Egham, Surrey.

10th NTES Conference: Trace & Mineral Elements in Health & Disease (August 2013) Inadequate Iodine Status in UK Pregnant Women and Adverse Cognitive Outcomes in their Children. . Loen, Norway, 25-29 August 2013.

ICCIDD, BTF Meeting on Iodine status in the UK (June 2012) Sources of iodine in the UK.  – the way forward, Royal College of Pathologists, London, UK.

14th International Conference on Trace Elements in Man and Animals (TEMA14; September 2011) Deficient iodine status and its correlates in a developed European country: the UK.  Enshi, Hubei Province, China 19-23 September 2011.