Double Fortified Salt

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Many countries across the world supplement iodine through the iodisation of salt.

For the
last decade, some states of India have been using double fortified salt (DFS) –
this includes both iron and iodine. This intervention has proven to be a cost
effective, sustainable method of reducing iron deficiency anaemia as well as
reducing the prevalence of iodine deficiency, which are both global health

In the past, this method has been ineffective as the formula reduced the effectiveness of iodine. New DFS microencapsulation-based technology has now stopped this problem.

Having been used for many years in India, the system has constantly been reviewed and edited for optimisation. It is now believed it can be readily expanded in other countries, with the added opportunity to include other micronutrients such as folic acid and B12.

Will this new equipment and intervention be adopted by other countries in the future?

Written by Callum Wood (January 2020)